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Technical Aspects - Samanvaya - The Team

Technical Work

To design & host interactive website
To write the contents of the website
To design the broacher, newsletter, annual report and other communication materials
To prepare & manage online/offline donor management system
Data Base management & to work as outsource mailing agency
Online Payment Gateways

Importance of having Website

Nowadays website becomes an essential part of every profession. Website makes strong impact on the image of your company. It is very important when you are more concern about exploring your business world wide.
If you are a NGO or Business House or a professional or free lancer you need to have your own website for many reasons.

  • There are approximately 970 millions Internet users, 15% of the world's population. Thus it is a most efficient way to get potential customers from all over the world through internet marketing.
  • Websites have no boundaries as far as place or region or country is concern. It is international. If you have a website, then you have something international that overcomes the limits between countries and continents.
  • Through website designing you will get identity, global presence and good business channel once you make entry in the www (World Wide Web) and promote the website through web marketing.
  • Any Service or Business without website means you are running business without having your visiting card; you can say your website as your visiting card [business card]. By effective profile of your company, products/services you can build corporate image of the company in your business website.
  • Having a website means your business is open and reachable round the clock and throughout the year. Your web site is your online shop and it is open for 24/7. Website transmits your message in a few seconds.
  • In website, content can be changed very easily. You can get good ranking in search pages by writing SEO friendly copy writing in your website.
  • The work involved in projecting your website can also be used for presentation purposes, without the presence of the internet.
  • There are various types of website designing such as Static Web site Design, Flash Web Site Design, Dynamic Website Design, Hybrid Websites Design, SEO Website. The type of website depends on the type of your business/sevice.

  • Static websites are generally text base. Static websites are more search engine friendly websites.

  • Flash web sites are for entertainment, game, animation or visual effects. Flash sites are very useful to represent your product or service in innovative way. Flash site gives unique and novel look to your web site.

  • Dynamic websites can be used for various applications, whereby from login pages, company employees can login to update and report data directly in and from the project’s database. You can opt to go for a dynamic website which will automatically change your content based on changes to your business, like stock items, stock status, prices, important messages, news, articles, services and more.
  • Hybrid website is mixer of static and flash sites. Hybrid site is useful when you wish to make search engine friendly website with text, visual and flash animation.
  • Search engine optimization is the next step after having web designing and web development. This is normally done through a search engine optimization process directly in your web site.
  • To get maximum benefit of website you need to design web site by professional Web Design Company and have web optimization by professional SEO Company.

Importance of Newsletter & Broachers

Newsletters & Broachers are sent for various reasons like to abreast customers of the latest happenings inside the Society in terms of various services provided, new initiatives and regulations, upcoming events, news about the achievements of the society and its employees and other stuffs that might be deem interesting and helpful to the Donors or individuals.
Most companies hire the expertise of reputable newsletter printing companies to help them in creating noteworthy newsletters. Newsletter printing companies in a way relieves busy owners of the task of creating eloquently worded newsletters. Nevertheless, there are electronic newsletters that are also being employed nowadays and can be used by some owners. But in spite of this most companies still prefer to have their newsletters created in the old fashioned way-PRINTED.

Printed newsletters / broachers especially those that have undergone full color printing still create that aesthetic appeal that helps customers in associating with the business. Nevertheless, there are also some business owners that create their own newsletters and assign the task to their human resource department. Although this may save some money but in terms of the quality of the output one can clearly see the newsletters that have undergone professional newsletter writing from those that are just merely created by business staffs that have no proper training when it comes to newsletter creation.

Poorly created newsletters or broacher would not be good especially in building the company's image because this will show un -professionalism in the way the business conduct itself. And aside from that poorly created newsletters would just be shunned away by donors or individuals and would just be tacked away in some corner and then forgotten. And so to prevent such from happening always makes sure that you hire the expertise of a reputable newsletter printing company, bear in mind that potential customers may be turn-off if ever they received generic newsletters with caption “TO OUR VALUED DONORS” and then the newsletters just didn't show that value. A business must be able to show value and quality all throughout its business endeavors.

Donor Management System (DMS)

To sustain in the longer run regular donor base is most important in any non profit organization. Without donors, non profits simply could not succeed. Understanding information about your donors is critical to your organization’s success. DMS is a more efficient system for storing, organizing and viewing this information. This will help you to achieve your mission.

A donor management system helps you manage relationships with donors and prospective donors by keeping records of correspondence, archiving your relationship’s history, tracking donation received and producing reports.
For most organizations, selecting DMS requires balancing fundraising needs with the cost of the system – not only for the initial set up and for covering your old data in to information the new system can read, but also for training, support and upgrades.

We have number of different fund raising software. But we offer after considering your organization’s needs.

On Line Payment Gateways

An online Payment System allows you to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Not only is this is an important convenience for your donors and individuals; it also means more revenue for you. An online system also helps you to reduce your overhead costs. With the right payment processing tools, these functions are all done automatically for you. And lastly, an online system helps you to reach new markets-across the country.

The most important part of online is accepting donations from your donors ranging from a single transaction to a series of transactions from a donor. Online payment processing offers a donor the convenience of submitting their credit card or other forms of payment on your Web site, and for you to actually receive the money from this transaction.

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